What’s New In the Extraordinary WorldPosted by on January 29, 2018

The winter has come fast and furious at camp, but we know summer is just around the corner.  The blanket of snow covering camp provides a picturesque view while we continue to plan for the coming summer.  As we bring in the New Year we are excited about what’s new in the extraordinary world this year.

Plans include updates to infrastructure, additions to existing programs and new activity options.  Each of these will continue to ensure that our time at camp is truly more than an experience.

Returning to Past Traditions is What’s New

Last year we started renovating bunks on the bunkline.  A new roof structure, porch additions, and larger doorways brought amazing change for our sixth grade bunks.  This year the fourth and fifth grade bunks are receiving the same upgrades.  These updates will allow our younger campers to enjoy some of the amazing things our sixth grade campers loved last summer.  A porch area that provides an outdoor space to hang out- and additional shoe storage space!  Additional light shining through the new sky lights makes each day brighter.  And listening to the rain on the metal roofs is magical.

These updates help each camper’s bunk time be a positive aspect of her time at camp.  However these aren’t the updates that excite us the most.  Believe it or not, the widening of doors is what brings a smile to our faces.  In their early days at Fernwood Cove directors Jim & Beigette would wonder down the bunkline each night, wishing Fernwood Cove girls a goodnight.  Since her biking accident in 2011 Beigette hasn’t been able to enter the bunks in camp because her wheelchair is simply too wide.  With wider doors and ramps on the porches Beigette is now able to join campers in their bunks and foster stronger relationships with them.  This year returning to past traditions is what’s new, and it makes us extraordinarily happy.

Including Technology in the Extraordinary World

In 2015 we began transitioning our Photography program to a Digital Photography program.  The initial changes incorporated the use of digital SLR cameras and campers learning how to use these digital cameras to take amazing photographs of their camp experiences.  The final step in the transformation of our program includes using computers or tablets and photo editing software to provide campers the opportunity to full immerse themselves in digital photography.  The inclusion of electronics is something that we, the directors, have been hesitant to do in other aspects of camp.  The idea of including technology in the extraordinary world is something that feels quite foreign to us.  However, we are excited about this change and the new opportunities it will bring Fernwood Cove girls.

The inclusion of computers and graphic design software may seem opposite of Fernwood Cove values.  We quickly came to realize that to empower Fernwood Cove girls to be the best versions of themselves we must provide opportunities in all aspects of life.  The fact of the matter is that today is a digital world and understanding and utilizing digital media is already a large part of life for teens and adults.  More and more opportunities for younger children are being developed in schools and through other youth serving organizations.

Media literacy is a key skill related to success in the 21st century.  We would be doing our campers a disservice by not including opportunities for growth simply because they involve electronics or technology.  We are proud that we incorporate a variety of 21st Century Skills in our camp program.  And we are excited for the future of Fernwood Cove girls and programs by including technology in the Extraordinary World.

Taking A New Path

It may not seem like it, but Fernwood Cove is situated on over 16o acres.  Much of this is forest land, providing a multitude of learning opportunities in programs like Outdoor Living Skills, Ropes Course, Farm Girls, and even Horsemanship.  The Fernwood Cove trail system runs through much of the wooded land surrounding the center of camp.  These trails are utilized for a variety of things- we even hosted a Cross Country running event last summer!

Once the snow melts in the spring work will begin on trails throughout camp.  Our trail improvements will positively impact a variety of activities.  However, Mountain Biking will likely benefit the most.  Our expanded trail options will allow campers to learn more about biking and improve their skills while remaining on camp property.  In addition, improvements to our bikes will ensure every camper has the opportunity to explore camp on two wheels.  By taking a new path campers will also be able to explore new parts of the forest and learn more about the natural environment at camp.

This year campers will be taking a new path.  They will be connecting with technology to build skills for the future.  And we’ll all be able to reconnect with past traditions.  It’s amazing how each of our updates for 2018 will allow us to create stronger connections with each other and our natural surroundings.  We are very excited about what’s new for 2018.  What are you most excited for this summer?  Let us know in the comments.  You can also share what’s new with you this year!