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The days of summer camp are full of opportunities to learn and grow.  From developing responsibility for personal space during clean-up to learning about voice projection in theater skits for Performance Nights, Fernwood Cove girls are constantly learning and growing.  As they return to camp each summer they continue to grow and mature in many different ways.  Our campers grow to become leaders, with many returning to camp to further develop their leadership skills as CITs and counselors.  The skills they develop during their summers at camp in Maine prepare them for life’s journey outside of camp.  During their days of summer camp Fernwood Cove girls are preparing for all stages in life.

With the support of their bunk mates and camp friends they try new activities and reach new goals.  Each day builds their confidence in their abilities and reminds them of what they are capable of.  Often Fernwood Cove campers gain first-time experiences while at camp.  One of the most notable areas for first-time experiences is in the Performing Arts activities at camp.  As a traditional girls’ summer camp, Fernwood Cove offers a variety of opportunities for campers to be on stage.  Camp friends, counselors and directors all glow with pride for campers during our weekly Performance Night.  And the Fernwood Cove Directors couldn’t be prouder of the Fernwood Cove Alumni who continue to build upon their performance experiences at camp.

Preparing For All Stages In Life Through The Love of Music

Often Fernwood Cove counselors arrive at camp looking for new adventures and opportunities.  Many of them leave camp inspired to help children learn and grow.  Consequently, a multitude of Fernwood Cove staff alumni are now teaching in a variety of classrooms around the world.  Many of them attribute passion for teaching to their time as bunk counselors and activity instructors at camp.

Camper and Staff Alum, Carrie (Bacharach) Marsh is a shining example of how her time on stage in The Chick helps her teach her students.  Now working for the Baltimore City School District, Carrie is an elementary music teacher who helps her students gain confidence on stage just like she did as a theater counselor.  Carrie’s passion for music and theater was developed throughout her childhood, including her days on stage in The Chick as a camper.  Additionally, her summers as a theater and vocal theater counselor helped her develop skills that allow her to carry that passion to her classroom each day.  Carrie is preparing today’s youth for all stages in life through the love of music.

Not all alumni who teach follow the traditional path of education.  This couldn’t be more true for camper, CIT , and staff alum Delaney McDonough.  Her journey since her days as a Fernwood Cove staff member has taken her across the country and back.  With a focus of bringing dance and performance art to people, Delaney has revived an arts center in Maine, created a variety of dance collaboration groups, and instructed in various programs at Colby College and Bates College.  Delaney’s passion for connecting with people and performance have only grown since her days at Fernwood Cove.  This passion ensures others will continue preparing for all stages in life through through performance opportunities.

Growing From Performance Nights

Many campers come to camp with huge dreams of one day seeing their name in lights.  Others come to summer camp having never thought of being on stage.  Through the magic of camp these campers are able to connect and create beautiful songs, funny skits, and spectacular plays.  The roar of applause that fills The Chick with each performance shows the support and love from the camp community.  Performances at summer camp provide campers a strong foundation to share their talents with the rest of the world.  The Fernwood Cove community was lucky to have camper alumni The Kelson Twins return to camp in 2017 for a special performance.  Returning to where they first played guitar and sang on stage was both rewarding and inspiring for them.

Another Fernwood Cove alum who is making a name for herself in the music industry is Charlotte Lawrence.  Charlotte released her first album this year and is currently on tour.   It’s hard to believe she was a Flamingo camper in 2015!  Charlotte has been featured on television and she sang with The Dixie Chicks at the 2016 Hollywood Bowl.  During her summer camp days she was fun and spunky and this certainly carries over to her music today.  Charlotte’s journey in music has expanded far beyond her days on the Chick Stage.  However, her love of music ensures she will continue growing from her performance nights around the world.

From the Chick Stage to Broadway

When Fernwood Cove alum Leah Shapiro entered Chickadee bunk in 2003 she likely didn’t understand the impact camp would have in her life.  By the time she was in fifth grade, the stage was one of her favorite places at Fernwood Cove.  Weekly Performance Nights, as well as larger theater productions helped Leah build her confidence.  During her summers as a CIT Leah often found herself assisting in Vocal Theater and Theater activities.  Encouraging campers through their first auditions.  She helped them gain confidence just as she had done in her early years at camp.  More importantly, Leah credits her summers in Maine as a CIT and counselor as the summers having the greatest impact upon who she is today.  These are the years that helped her grow from the Chick Stage to Broadway.

Leah is just one example of a Fernwood Cove girl whose life has come full circle.  In her role as a casting assistant in New York she works daily to help actors see their names in lights.  She credits the small moments of camp- including being cast in her first supporting role in “Little Shop of Horrors” as a fifth grade camper- as the moments that have had the greatest impact on who she is today.  And her experience casting plays at camp during her summers as a theater counselor allowed her to experience a different side of theater.  And through this experience she found her current path in life.  This is true in so many ways for Fernwood Cove girls and staff members each summer.

The life skills learned at camp often come in the smallest moments.  Through successful auditions and flying down the zip line Fernwood Cove empowers today’s girls to challenge themselves to experience new things.  Through these challenges campers gain skills in communication, collaboration, and creative thinking.  At Fernwood Cove girls grow throughout each day, and each summer, at camp.  Fernwood Cove is more than experience, it’s preparing for all stages in life.

Fernwood Cove Printable: Preparing For All Stages in Life at Summer Camp

Often “camp people” (campers and CITs, former staff members, camp parents, and camp professionals) discuss the various life skills developed at camp.  Let’s face it, this entire blog is about those skills.  And how the summer camp experience impacts campers and staff well beyond their summer days in Maine.  But just what are those skills and how do they translate to life beyond the camp gates?  Just how is time spent at summer camp time spent preparing for all stages in life?  Hopefully this printable will help!

Campers and staff are preparing for all stages in life.


This is the first of what we hope will be many Fernwood Cove printables.  These printable resources will help you better understand various aspects of camp, prepare for the summer, and share the magic of camp with others.  Please enjoy this printable and share it with others who you think would benefit from overnight camp at Fernwood Cove.  Also, if camp had a positive impact on your successes outside of camp let us know!  Simply tell us how Fernwood Cove helped prepare you for other stages in life in the comments.  Or you can submit a testimonial.  We love hearing how the summer camp experience has impacted our campers, staff and alumni.  We hope to hear from you soon!