The Gift of Summer CampPosted by on December 18, 2018

As stated in last month’s blog we are all very grateful for the opportunity of overnight summer camp.  Summer Camp in Maine has impacted us in countless ways. Each summer we remind Fernwood Cove parents of the truly extraordinary things they have given their daughters in the gift of summer camp.

Many of us consider camp to simply be a part of life.  However, it truly isn’t that simple. Summer camp provides opportunities that aren’t found anywhere else.  Fernwood Cove campers, CITs, and staff learn and grow in remarkable ways during their summer days in Maine.  The benefits of the investment in summer camp (both financial and time) benefit Fernwood Cove girls and counselors for many, many years to come.

The Unique Gift of Camp

Each summer Fernwood Cove girls return to their summer home and quickly transition back into life at camp.  We strive to make sure that each camper and CIT remains present and engaged throughout camp. However, as we are immersed in camp we can forget about the unique gift of camp.  When we remember how fortunate we are to have been given the gift of camp our mindset shifts.

In this newfound mindset, we refocus on making the most of each aspect of camp.  We choose new activities, especially activities we can’t do at home.  We reach out to new people and forge new friendships throughout the camp community.  And campers and CITs begin to look outside their own experiences. They help make sure that overnight camp is magical for other girls as well.  

The Gift of Working at Camp

Positively impacting the lives of children is one of the motivating aspects to work at summer camp.  Many staff members say that being a role model or mentor for campers is a goal for their summer. The impact that counselors and staff have on Fernwood Cove girls each summer is one of the most heartwarming aspects of camp.  It’s safe to say that staff members often underestimate the impact they have each summer.

It’s also likely safe to say that many staff underestimates the impact that working at camp will have on them.  Often viewed as a fun summer job, working at camp is so much more.  During all the fun and adventures staff also gain valuable skills and experiences.  Leadership, communication and problem-solving skills are developed as counselors lead activities and events.  Empathy and cultural diversity grow within everyone as they lead campers throughout their summer days. Lifelong skill development while positively impacting the lives of Fernwood Cove girls is truly amazing.  Here in lies the gift of working at camp.

Sharing the Gift of Camp

Both counselors and campers share stories of their summer camp adventures when they return home.  Friends and family often don’t fully understand the specifics. However, there’s no doubt they understand the positive impact camp has had on the storyteller.  Each time we share an “at summer camp” story we are sharing the gift of camp. Through the stories and sharing of memories, we also inspire others to accept the call to adventure and begin their own camp story.  

Sharing the gift of camp isn’t limited to the sharing of summer camp stories.  The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to share the gift of camp. Enrolling in camp or giving camp gear make amazing holiday gifts.  Additionally, the holidays are perfect for sharing the gift of camp through donations to the Fernwood Cove Foundation.  Sharing camp with girls that couldn’t otherwise attend Fernwood Cove is both extraordinary and full of holiday spirit.

The Gift of Simple Living

It can be easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle of life as the fall semester comes to a close and the holiday season powers on.  It is in this time that we most need to reconnect with the Fernwood Cove values that guide our summer days. The gift of Simple Living will help us remember the meaning of the holiday season.

One of the favorite aspects of Simple Living throughout the summer is the daily mail delivery.  With bags of letters, it is very similar to storybook pictures of Santa’s bag of gifts. We encourage you to share the gift of Simple Living by sending letters and cards to friends and family.  Use our new Printable Postcards to send camp-themed notes to your Fernwood Cove friends!