While Fernwood Cove staff are hired to work in a specific area of camp, their growth is not limited to the specific skill set or skills related to that area.  Fernwood Cove believes in the development of the whole person, and this philosophy extends throughout the development of our staff as well.  The typical Fernwood Cove staff experience includes skill development in the following areas:

  • Collaboration & Communication:

Fernwood Cove staff facilitate all aspects of the Fernwood Cove program, requiring them to collaborate with and work alongside individuals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.  Staff refine their communication and teamwork skills while gaining a broader sense of how culture and background can influence the workplace.  

  • Active Problem Solving:

Summer camp is the ideal setting to learn problem solving skills.  No matter how much you plan, life at camp is constantly changing.  Fernwood Cove staff are empowered to be able to think on their feet, utilize available resources, and develop on-the-spot back-up plans.  

  • Empathy & Understanding:

Nothing builds empathy and understanding better than putting the needs of 200 other individuals ahead of your own.   

  • Leadership:

At Fernwood Cove “leadership” is not a title.  All members of the community are expected to be leaders and role models and are given hands-on leadership opportunities daily.

  • Organization & Time Management:

We are constantly on the go.  Fernwood Cove staff quickly learn the importance of organization and time management as they balance teaching activities, leading out-of-camp trips, organizing and facilitating all-camp activities, and coordinating special events.

  • Supervision and Management:

Supervisory and management positions are available at all levels of the Fernwood Cove staffing structure.  Staff in these roles work closely with the Fernwood Cove administrative team while they actively supervise their peers and co-workers, providing insight, guidance and support.