A Unique Summer Camp.Posted by on June 26, 2019

Everything about Summer Camp at Fernwood Cove is unique. We offer a plethora of activities that stimulate and excite the girls! Our bunks are designed to encourage friendship and independence from electricity. Our staff come from all over the world, creating a diverse culture you couldn’t find anywhere else.  With that, we end each night with a little reflection of the day from these counselors. 

Last night we heard from Louisa who has spent ten summers here as a camper, CIT (counselor in training), and is now a 4th-year counselor. This summer is particularly exciting for her, because she is now herself, a CIT counselor. Her days are spent teaching and guiding the CITs to be great role models as future staff and uses the methods she was taught when a CIT in the summer of 2013 and 2014.

Here’s what she had to say about the day:

“Today was an eventful day at camp, because instead of having a regular focus day we had a Free Choice Day! Free Choice Day is when campers can choose from a variety of activities such as marble racing, breakdancing, cheerleading, and camp T-shirt decorating. Today was a great day for campers to try out activities they’ve never done. For evening program, we split the camp into groups of 8-10 campers and played different team building games at rotating stations. The games tested campers in scream offs, name games, and memorization. After a group finished at a station they were given a letter on a piece of paper. When they reached all the stations they pieced all the letters they received together to spell out “Fernwood Cove”. The whole camp regrouped and each grade said one word that made them think of Fernwood Cove. Words included “home”, “loyalty”, and “unity”. After an exciting and eventful day, the campers are all nested in their bunks ready to hit the hay!” 

Today we returned to our normal schedule of Week 1 Activities. Lunch consisted of a camper favorite, Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken. It’s also Wednesday, so for those who don’t already know, this means for dinner it’ssssssss WING WEDNESDAY! The girls love all the different flavors Chef Keith makes as well as the different types of salads. The sun is out; it’s warm with a nice breeze…perfect conditions for an extraordinary day!