There’s nowhere else we’d rather be.Posted by on June 30, 2019

Good evening FC community! We’ve had the most beautiful day; mid-eighties with partial clouds. A big storm is on it’s way, so the incoming thunderheads made for one gorgeous sunset. It’s days like this that nature is to be truly appreciated. I, as well as everyone else here knows that in this moment, there’s nowhere else we’d rather be. 

As always a lot’s been happening (7th Grade Services, Flam Surprise, Green and White Dance Parties, etc. etc.). This is the only time when it’s harder to write less than more. We hope you’ve enjoyed staying updated with our recent vlogs; however, we love incorporating our staff and getting their point of view on each and every day. This Saturday night, we hear from Alex, a former camper, and 2nd-year counselor as a dance instructor. 

“Hi, all! I’m Alex, and this is my 2nd year as a counselor, but my 8th year at Fernwood Cove! I loved dancing and performing as a camper here, so I am so happy to be teaching Freestyle, Creative Dance Movement, and our plays’, Frozen, choreography this year. I’m a bunk mom for the fabulous Penguin bunk, and loving camp more and more every day. Today we lucked out with some great warm weather for our first day of week two activities. 

The girls loved the stir fry for lunch from Chef Keith and Assistant Chef Wilson, and they were even more ecstatic about the pulled pork sandwiches as well as the leftover mac n cheese and pizza that came with dinner. Yummy day at the Cove for sure! We finished the day off with a loud, enthusiastic campfire, ending with Alicia’s famous Rainstorm that pushed our expected wanger banger until tonight when the kids were all fast asleep!”

What a way to end the night! There’s nothing more fascinating than watching a lightning show just before bed. The wanger banger however though, has now passed and left us with just a calm cool drizzle of rain…perfect conditions for a powerful night of rest. Signing off for now. 

Have an extraordinary sleep!