Trip Day at Fernwood CovePosted by on July 04, 2019

It always feels like it’s been ages since our last update. Our first trip day and set of overnights was a whirlwind of crazy fun! Some groups went to the beach, others went hiking that ended with a swim, and some camped out under the stars at the top of Tumbledown Mountain. This trip day, in particular, is one of the most beautiful hikes that bring challenges and one heck of an award. At the top of the mountain is a lake. Campers can swim in this lake and pitch their tents by it. The hike with their rucksacks takes roughly two hours, but the girls never complained and arrived back to camp with newfound confidence! 

When all is said and done, we reflect on each day with a smile and say, “What a day.” We go to bed knowing tomorrow is either going to be just as good or better. The sun has been bright and beaming, sunscreen heavy, and water bottles constantly refilled! Water activities are on everyone’s schedule at some point. That end of the day smile is the true sign of content. 

International Staff Members at Camp:

Tonight I had a brief moment to catch up with one of our new counselors, Beatrice (a.k.a. B) who teaches swimming and personal training. Though originally from Italy, she’s been living in England, but is in love with Fernwood Cove and being able to share her passion with the campers! 

“Today was a great day; the weather was amazing, and every day I’m enjoying my fitness class more and more, re-ensuring it as my biggest passion in life. Sharing it with my girls really helps bring that passion to life, and I look forward to carrying this experience with me wherever I go next in life!” 

This is a place of experiences for everyone. Camper and staff, everything we love and learn here will follow us everywhere in life…I know. Anytime I get into a conversation that brings this place up, everyone new to the subject is always extraordinarily fascinated! I hope you can read my untyped wink in that sentence. So here’s to another amazing summer; let’s keep it up!