Climbing, Campfire and Counselors.Posted by on July 28, 2019

Hey Fernwood Cove! Yesterday was another amazing day; please take a view of our latest vlog on either Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook for a more in-depth update! However, last night one of our counselors was kind enough to give a brief update of how her day at the Fernwood Cove, from climbing to campfire. 

“My name is Sophie, and I’m from Los Angeles! This is my 8th year at camp, and I teach climbing. This year I’m delighted to be a bunk mom for Oriole, in 5th grade.

Climbing, Campfire and Counselors;

Today has been another extraordinary day here at Fernwood Cove! For breakfast, Chef Keith made us French toast. Once breakfast was finished, the kids ran to their bunks to begin their clean-up while us counselors held back for announcements at counselor coffee. Shortly after, the bell for first focus began, and off we went! Today in climbing, we climbed the new walls which the girls love, because of the difficult angles. It was a beautiful, sunny day­—not too hot, not too cold. For lunch, we had lo mein (Stir Fry Saturday!), and for dinner, we had Sloppy Joe’s. Evening program was a campfire, which included lots of yelling and jumping, but some softer songs too!”

Now our day is done, the sun has gone, and we’re signing off for now; stay EXTRAORDINARY!