Building the Future at Summer CampPosted by on January 14, 2020

We often hear the phrase “hind sight is 20-20” when people speak about life experiences and learning.  At Fernwood Cove we view challenges and learning as a continual life process.  So when we look at 20-20 we think of growth and development.  As we begin the new year of 2020 we recognize we are building the future at summer camp.

All aspects of the Fernwood Cove experience focus on the positive experiences, growth, and lifelong memories for Fernwood Cove girls.  Consequently, we build the future for Fernwood Cove girls through updates to our program areas, facilities and activities.  To ensure Fernwood Cove girls receive the best we must continually learn and grow as an organization.  We are excited for the planned improvements coming in 2020.  They will improve the summer camp experience for today’s campers.  Additionally, they are building the future of Fernwood Cove.

Continued Improvements in the Feeder

The Fernwood Cove community was wowed with the new Feeder dining room and exterior last summer.  The larger dining room was an amazing improvement for camp mealtimes.  Continued improvements in the Feeder in 2020 include upgrades to the Kitchen and food storage areas.

These improvements include winterizing the kitchen and updated kitchen appliances and layout.  And additional food storage space will be built in the Feeder basement.  The focus of these improvements is to create a more streamlined food service process.   Creating a greater meal experience for all Fernwood Cove campers, CITs, and staff.  Additionally, new and improved storage space will reduce the amount of deliveries needed to maintain adequate supplies for the kitchen and housekeeping departments.  Having fewer deliveries means less traffic from delivery trucks in camp and increased safety for the Fernwood Cove community.

Building the Future in Horsemanship

As we begin 2020 we are happy to have Debbie Little leading the Fernwood Cove Natural Horsemanship Program.  Debbie comes to Fernwood Cove with a strong equestrian background.  Debbie’s experience includes competitive riding, program development and leadership, and equine therapy.  Equally important is Debbie’s passion for helping others learn and grow through their work with horses.

The Horsemanship Program at Fernwood Cove will continue to based on the philosophies of Natural Horsemanship.  Fernwood Cove girls will continue to develop life skills of communication, respect, trust, and responsibility.  Additionally, the program will continue to include groundwork, English and Western riding, jumping, and horse care.  Under Debbie’s leadership the horsemanship program will provide more individualized program options for each Fernwood Cove rider.  Campers will learn and grow in their own extraordinary ways under the guidance of Debbie and the Fernwood Cove horsemanship counselors.

 Building Better Trip Days

Trip Days and Overnights are a key aspect of the Fernwood Cove program.  These programs support the Fernwood Cove values of simple living, respect of the outdoors, and personal growth.  As we ring in 2020 we are eager for Abby Fiege to begin her role as Assistant Director.  In her new role she will focus on the improvement of the Fernwood Cove Tripping Program, among other things.  With Abby’s extensive experience in outdoor education and recreation she will be building better trip days and overnights for all Fernwood Cove campers.

During the off season Abby will research new trip options.  Additionally, she will scout trip locations in Maine and nearby New Hampshire.  We are eager to offer new options and reintroduce trips that were included in Fernwood Cove’s early days.  A year-round focus on trips will help ensure campers have new trip options each summer they return to camp.  More importantly, they will have continued skill development with the development of new and more advanced trip options.  2020 is just the start of building the future at summer camp!