Learning and Growing from our Adaptable ChildrenPosted by on October 20, 2020

Studying and learning about youth development is one of my favorite things as both a summer camp director and a parent. I enjoy reading books on youth development, parenting and speaking with other camp professionals and parents on this topic. Often, I am reminded that some of the best lessons are learned from listening and observing my children.

Return to School

Over the past few months both of my children, Perrin and Sylvie, have been transitioning to new schools. For the first time they are attending different schools and are not sharing a classroom. Schools have adjusted their schedules, implementing protocols based on the guidelines around mitigating Covid-19. Each school has approached this in different ways; however, there are a few constants. More hand sanitizer, more cleaning, and masks all the time. Furthermore, many schools have had to opt for hybrid style learning, alternating in-person and virtual class.

Through this transition we have all had to create new routines and make adjustments to our lifestyle, such as, remembering a mask. Most importantly, through all the change, transitions, and uncertainty, it has been remarkable to see how adaptable and flexible my children have been. They have adjusted to new social etiquette, wearing masks, and practicing physical distancing. Focusing on going with the flow and living in the present.

Lessons to Embrace

I must admit that I have been resistant to change and set in my ways. I preferred to stay away from stores and groups rather than wearing a mask. My children’s ability to be resilient in this time has been instrumental in helping me see my own areas of personal growth.

I have also recently read “Life is in the Transitions- mastering change at any age” by Bruce Feiler. Feiler spent a few years interviewing people from across the country. His book highlights how transitions are becoming more plentiful in our lives. He then provides insights on how we can reimagine and rebuild our lives through these transition to live a more meaningful life.

My great lesson is learning how to be adaptable and flexible in uncertainty. To embrace the present moment and be nimble as things change so rapidly around us.

Transitioning Lessons to Summer

As we prepare for summer 2021 at Fernwood Cove and look forward to our summer family returning, I will carry these lessons with me. Likewise, I hope you find insight that will help you over the coming months.

One of the beautiful things about sleep away camp is the ability for our campers to practice these skills of being flexible and adaptable. From group living in the bunk and learning to live with others, to participating in spontaneous activities.  They get to separate from the outside world and truly live in the present moment.