Foundation for an Extraordinary World: Summer CampPosted by on December 13, 2021

Parenting in today’s world can feel quite daunting.  The challenges faced in today’s society have created a variety of long term impacts for today’s children, teens, and young adults.  This was true before the pandemic and it’s certainly true now.  This makes the experience of summer camp that much more important.  A quality summer camp has shown to be the foundation for lifelong success.  When each child’s experience is combined summer camp positively impacts an entire generation.  And thus helps create the foundation for an extraordinary world.

As a former camper and camp counselor and now camp director, Fernwood Cove Associate Director Alicia firmly believes all children deserve the opportunity to attend summer camp.  “A quality camp experience instills values, teaches life skills, and broadens horizons for campers in a hands-on experience that is hard to find in other youth-focused opportunities.  Campers learn a variety of skills while living them.  There’s continued practice, refinement, reflection, and growth.  The camp experience establishes a strong foundation upon which each camper can continue to grow from.” says Alicia.

Foundation of Life Skills

The benefits of summer camp have been highly documented.  Summer camp is often viewed as a quality foundation of life skills.  Through the experiential learning opportunities Fernwood Cove campers develop life skills like communication, organization, and independence daily.  Through living the overnight camp experience campers are able to learn from struggles and celebrate successes.  The return home having hours of practice and refinement.  Thus they are more prepared for navigating other aspects of life like friendships, school, and sports.

The Fernwood Cove Foundation ensures that all Fernwood Cove girls have the opportunity to experience camp and gain these valuable skills.  Upon reflecting on her summers at Fernwood Cove, one foundation campership recipient said, “My summers at The Cove have given me an opportunity to try things that I otherwise would never have had the chance to do. I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone and taken risks both physically and socially that I couldn’t imagine taking. I’ve tried waterskiing, rock climbing, stand up paddling, canoeing, freestyle dance, and so much more. I learned that failure can be the best way to learn and that it’s ok to fail as long as I don’t give up.”  Generous contributions to the Fernwood Cove Foundation help ensure campers will continue to learn and develop a strong foundation of life skills for many years to come. 

A Foundation For An Extraordinary World

The Fernwood Cove Foundation was established as a 501c3 nonprofit organization in 2012.  Since then a multitude of campers have attended Fernwood Cove through financial aid provided from the foundation.  Contributions from donors have a positive impact on today’s girls that lasts long beyond their days of overnight camp in Maine.  As the number of campers receiving camperships grows the impact the Fernwood Cove Foundation expands.  This impact isn’t limited to the Fernwood Cove community.  As campers return home they utilize the skills they develop at home.  Whether it’s through greater leadership skills or a stronger understanding of inclusion, Fernwood Cove girls have an impact.  Collectively their impact is extraordinary.  Thus the Fernwood Cove Foundation isn’t just a foundation for summer camp.  It’s a foundation for an extraordinary world.

The parent of a campership recipient stated, “Our daughter has been a camper since 2017 and she has truly loved her summers at FC.  She has grown more independent after each summer and she seems happy, lighthearted and well-grounded when she returns.”  Seeing campers continue to learn and grow as the return summer to summer is one of the most amazing aspects of camp.  The Fernwood Cove Foundation works to ensure the opportunity to return to camp each year for girls throughout the camp community.  Knowing there are campers benefiting from camp because of the generous support of the foundation donors makes the Fernwood Cove administration incredibly grateful.

Giving the Gift of Summer Camp

Recent years have been incredibly difficult for most of us for a variety of reasons.  It is during these difficult times that the support of the Fernwood Cove community truly shines.  All of the Fernwood Cove directors are extremely grateful for the support, loyalty, and trust that you continue to give.  Overnight summer camp is truly a gift for every child that attends.  The generous support of the Fernwood Cove community throughout the pandemic has helped keep camp operating.  And it has helped ensure deserving girls are able to attend.  Through your contributions, referrals and other support you are truly giving the gift of summer camp.

Each year the Fernwood Cove Foundation receives increased requests for financial support.  Many of these requests come from existing Fernwood Cove families.  It is so very important that the foundation continue to ensure these campers can return to 350 Island Pond Road each summer.  To do this we need your support.  All contributions to the Fernwood Cove Foundation are tax-deductible.  And every dollar counts!  Please consider donating to the Fernwood Cove Foundation for your year-end giving.  Your gift of camp will help ensure the Fernwood Cove Foundation continues to make an impact for many years to come.