Preparing for Summer CampPosted by on April 23, 2018

Whether it is the first summer or the last, Fernwood Cove is here to help prepare each camper for the best summer. Between meeting new friends, bunking, managing homesickness and making the most of each summer at camp, there is a lot to prepare for!

Ways to get involved in Summer Camp before the summer

One of the big questions first time parents ask is: will my daughter have the opportunity to meet anyone before camp? There are a variety of ways for each camper to get involved even before arriving.  Fernwood Cove hosts reunions in the Fall and the Spring in a variety of locations around the country. Whether you’re a new camper or a returning camper, Fernwood Cove wants to see everyone come together and get excited about camp! While the reunions have concluded for Summer 2018, be on the lookout for opportunities before Summer 2019!

Prior to the start of the session, each camper will receive a Spring Mooseletter with the names and addresses of every new camper. In addition to the new camper list, Camp will also send out an Age Group list with the details of every camper in your age group. As a new camper, this is a great opportunity to reach out to some potential new friends. Returning campers, this is a great opportunity to reach out and share your knowledge and excitement about Fernwood Cove! In addition to the new camper list, Camp will also send out an Age Group list with the details of every camper in your age group.

Last but certainly not least, there are Cove Sisters! Your Cove Sister is your camp big or little sister. This person is assigned prior to camp and is a tremendous resource throughout the summer. All new campers are assigned an older Cove Sister to ask questions to and connect with. Your Cove Sister will visit with you nearly each night while at camp to check in and continue forming a bond.

How To Manage Home Sickness

Another big question from parents is: how does Fernwood Cove manage home sickness? The big point about homesickness is that it’s completely normal and natural. It is okay to miss home and the people you love. Managing homesickness is a skill and that is where Camp is here to help!

Reaching out to your counselor is the first step in managing those homesick feelings. While campers might feel like they have to manage those feelings alone, that is certainly not the case. Fernwood Cove counselors are highly skilled in working with children during the off-season. Counselors also undergo countless hours of staff training before camper even arrive. Each counselor is here to help every camper and provide them with support, love, and a listening ear.

Staying active and busy is a step towards focusing on all the positives camp has to offer. The more involved each camper can become in camp, the more invested she’ll become in her summer. The girls learn to focus on what’s coming up next, finding the positive in every rainy day, and singing your heart out with your friends.

It’s okay to miss home, and Fernwood Cove is here to help support each girl through the summer.

Summer Camp Bunking

For returning campers the question is: can I bunk with my friends? For new campers it’s: how will you bunk me if I don’t know anyone? The answer is the same. Countless hours over the course of a week are spent on bunking. Between returning camper requests, geographic location, new vs. returning campers, who has bunked together before, there are many facets that determine bunking.

Camp does the best they can to help place campers successfully in to cabins with current camp friends, and potential new friends. For returning camper families, please fill out the Bunk Request Form! The more girls requested, the easier it is to bunk. For new camper families, please fill out your Parental Input Forms! If you haven’t met a Director in person, this is a key factor in helping Camp place each girl into a cabin. There are no guarantees in bunking, but Fernwood Cove wants to ensure that each camper has the best summer of their life.

Make the most of your camp summer

Preparing for camp can feel like an overwhelming process. There is a lot to remember about packing, forms, and travel plans to camp. Fernwood Cove is here to help. If any families have questions not answered on this blog, please call camp. For more ways to help your daughter better prepare for camp, check out our blog: Success At Camp. Looking forward to another Extraordinary Summer in 2018!