Theater in Summer CampPosted by on July 21, 2019

Good evening Fernwood Cove! My name is Caroline Naughton, and I’m from Ireland! At Summer Camp, I teach Theater. This year I’m delighted to be a bunk mom for Goldfinch – 6th Grade.

Today has been another extraordinary day here at the Cove! For breakfast, Chef Keith made Belgian Waffles. Once breakfast was finished, the kids ran to their bunks to begin their clean up while the counselors held back for announcements at counselor coffee. Shortly after, the bell for first focus began, and off we went!

Activities at Summer Camp

For the first focus, I spent it tutoring Math. Read under the tree was next. This is where the girls get to read a book or write letters home. In the third focus, it was time for some Summer Camp Theater. The mini-musical this week is Mamma Mia and the girls are singing the song Dancing Queen (which they will perform in front of camp on Wednesday night at performance night), so it’s good that the girls have something to work towards. After the third focus is lunch, It was chicken pot pie and green beans which tasted amazing and there were popsicles for dessert! After lunch, it was time for the 3-week musical, Frozen. In these focuses the girls learn skills in singing, acting and dancing and put them all together on stage to form the musical. Today we learnt Olaf’s song In Summer which all the girls loved. 

Our evening program was Newspaper Fashion Show! The girls love picking one of their bunk counselors to dress up in newspaper as some sort of character or famous person. It really gives them the chance to have fun while being creative! 

Now our day is done, the sun has gone, and we’re signing off for now; stay EXTRAORDINARY!