An Extraordinary Day at Summer CampPosted by on July 27, 2019

As we get immersed in the session, time flies! We’re all having the time of our lives! Last night our office OD gave us a nice reflection of an Extraordinary Day at Summer Camp : 

“Good evening Fernwood Cove! My name is Ross and I’m from Scotland. This is my second year at FC and I teach wakeboard/waterski. This year I am a third-grade bunk uncle for Kiwi and Puffin.

Today has been another extraordinary day here, for breakfast Chef Keith made beef on a stick wrapped in pancake batter plus waffles. Shortly after breakfast, the girls had cleanup and then everyone headed to first focus. This morning I did a combination of spotting, driving, and coaching (not all at the same time of course). We had a couple of first-time skiers from the younger grades who did incredibly well getting up and maintaining good posture. Everyone put in a phenomenal effort which was great to see.

Lunch today was an FC favorite: pasta and meatballs! In the afternoon we worked at our other lake in Norway on the ski boat with the older age groups who worked on more advanced skiing techniques such as carving. For dinner we had fajitas which were super popular; Chef’s guacamole is excellent! For evening program we did “Stoopin’ It,” which is very similar to a block party. It involved lots of stations, such as checkers, bowling and water activities; the kids really liked the variation and relaxed atmosphere.” 

Other than that, the past several days have consisted of regular focus days and one Special Event Day! On these days, the girls get to sleep in and come to “Lazy Breakfast” in their fun onesies and have sweet treats like donuts and muffins! After breakfast they have services were we sing songs and reflect on all the amazing things the Cove does for each individual person and the community. All afternoon camp goes wild playing fun games, having contests, and eating great food. Stay tuned as we go deeper into more detail on next weeks’ “Special Event Day” vlog & blog! 

Now, our day is done, the sun has gone so we must sign off for now; stay extraordinary!