Grateful For Summers At CampPosted by on November 18, 2021

November traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday season.  Gatherings, decorations, and events are sprinkled through celebrations in the final weeks of the year. Over the past twenty months we have all experienced change, including in our traditions.  We experienced changes in Fernwood Cove traditions this summer as well.  The administrative team quickly pivoted to a “how can we make this happen” mindset rather than getting upset about the changes that had to be made.  We are so grateful for summers at camp, even with changes to camp traditions.

Going into the holiday season we continue to see challenges and changes regarding travel, events, and gathering with family.  We hope the success of camp this summer can inspire you to practice gratitude in the coming weeks.  Focusing on what we have in our daily lives to be grateful for will help us to navigate the changes that we may face.  As we learned this summer, there is truly so much to be grateful for!

Grateful for Simple Living

One of the greatest benefits of summer camp is being able to disconnect from the outside world.  We achieve this through our lack of devices and technology at Fernwood Cove.   This shift can be difficult when staff and campers first arrive to camp.  But in a short amount of time they are all grateful for simple living.

We recognize computers and devices are often a necessity in our everyday lives.  However, we also recognize that we spend way too much time connected to our electronics.  This creates disconnect due to lack of true personal interaction.  The holidays are a great time to invite a bit of summer camp into your home.  Intentionally disconnect from your devices, particularly during meals and social gatherings.  The simple act of putting your phone away will allow you to truly reconnect with friends and family.

Practicing Gratitude Each Day

Another reason we are grateful for summers at camp is the learning and growth we all experience.  Fernwood Cove offers girls a unique space to practice and improve their skills in a variety of activities.  The repetition in the practice of life skills like communication and collaboration help campers to truly embrace them.  The life skill of gratitude is the same.  Gratitude is a practice, and we should each be practicing gratitude each day.

Practicing gratitude shouldn’t be limited to the Thanksgiving Holiday.  But Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start!  Whether you choose to practice gratitude at the start of the day or at the end, the key is consistent practice.  Start by focusing on the basics- and do it with family!  Discuss what you’re grateful for each day.  Take it one step further and write your daily gratitude on paper hearts (or feathers for Thanksgiving) and hang them for everyone to see.  As you practice gratitude you will begin to focus on the positive things in life a bit more.  And your children will gain greater awareness of all of the things they have in their lives.  This can then connect to them helping others through gift giving or acts of service throughout the holiday season.

Grateful For Summers At Camp And Community

During the summer there were moments when ensuring COVID safety measures were in place and modifying activities and events was overwhelming.  By taking a quick pause and practicing gratitude for the basics of being back at camp we returned to our “can-do” attitudes.  After being away from camp for so long we were simply grateful for summers at camp and community.  Reconnecting with the Fernwood Cove community was likely the most amazing aspect of camp in 2021.

Using this mindset as we enter the 2021 holiday season can help us to remain grateful for all that we do have.  This is so much better than focusing on what has changed over the past twenty months.  There’s no better gift to give yourself and your family than a more positive outlook on life.  Begin practicing gratitude today and find joy in all of life’s moments.