Bunk Aunts Provide Love and SupportPosted by on August 04, 2017

Everyone has, or at least knows the cliché of having, a fun and crazy Aunt. An Aunt cannot be there for every intimate moment as compared to a mom. Yet she is someone her family can rely on for guidance and care. But also for some rule-bending fun! The experience of bunk aunts at Fernwood Cove, it is the perfect balance.

Counselors who are bunk aunts serve a special role at the Fernwood Cove. Sometimes their schedule requires that they are awake before the rest of camp. At other times, their day extends beyond the typical hours of camp activities. Given those circumstances, they remain available to their campers. Whether it’s through visits during focus activities or during meals. Bunk Aunts are there for the moments that matter most. At the end of a camper’s day, having a bunk aunt is like having one more chocolate chip in a cookie. Having a bunk aunt just make the day that much better.

Bunk Aunts Are Fun and Trustworthy

Bunk Aunts help to create extraordinary moments throughout the entire day. Whether it’s helping the kids during clean up, braiding their hair in rest hour, or participating in bunk circle, a bunk aunt is someone fun and trustworthy. Campers quickly learn to appreciate the time their bunk aunt spends with them since that time can be limited. The result is a unique relationship forged through dedication and appreciation.

Bunk aunts show their dedication to their campers by helping plan sneak outs. And through visits to her campers during focuses. Participating in evening programs and special events shows campers that their dedication extends to all aspects of camp. Campers love seeing their bunk aunt dressed up for Newspaper Fashion Show. Or participating Counselor Cabaret. This is one of the coolest additions to a camper’s experience!

Love and Support

Bunk Aunts provide a tremendous level of love and care. They remain dedicated to their bunk family in addition to the responsibilities of their job in camp. Bunk Aunts play a major role in bunk families and in the overall camp community. The support they provide to both campers and bunk counselors is truly extraordinary.

There are few times in life where shared experiences create relationships in the way that camp does. Fernwood Cove is a much stronger community with the added support from Bunk Aunts. Everyone in the camp community benefits from having our silly and goofy aunts by our sides.