Positions and Internships

Positions and Internships

Fernwood Cove hires over one hundred staff each summer to help facilitate the various aspects of camp operations. Staff members are required to have completed high school and have at least one year of college/university experience, completed a gap year, or have one year of work experience by the start of the summer season.  The hiring season opens in October each year, with positions filled on a rolling basis as suitable applicants are identified.  A variety of positions are available in all areas of camp and at all levels of work experience.


Internship Opportunities

The benefits of working at summer camp aren’t limited to those individuals who are looking to work with children or who are interested in education or recreation fields.  All individuals, no matter their career plans, can benefit from the experience of working at camp.  Fernwood Cove provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, including paid internship opportunities.  

Internships are coordinated individually to meet the needs of the student as well as Fernwood Cove.  Interns complete their internship requirements in addition to fulfilling traditional counselor or summer administration level positions.  Interns are mentored and supervised by members of the Fernwood Cove director team, ensuring individualized support and feedback throughout the internship experience.  

Counselor Positions

Fernwood Cove counselors are bunk counselors as well as activity instructors in one of the seven activity categories.  Counselors must have a high level of skill and experience in the area they will instruct, with experience teaching or coaching the respective activity preferred.  Experience working with children in recreation, sport, or academic settings is highly desired.  Experience in summer camp is highly desired, but not required.

Many activities require documented training and/or experience, with some requiring specific certifications.  Additional training and certification courses are required for staff who instruct Water Skiing/Wake Boarding; Natural Horsemanship, Paddling & Boating, Archery, Tennis & Land Sports, Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Metalsmithing, and Ropes Course.  Additionally, all waterfront staff must be American Red Cross Lifeguard Certified.


Summer Administration Positions

Fernwood Cove’s Summer Administration Staff are key to ensuring successful programs and experiences for Fernwood Cove campers, CITs, and counselors.  Members of the Summer Administration team work closely with Fernwood Cove directors while supervising and managing Fernwood Cove staff in their respective area of camp operations.  Summer Administration positions are professional roles, holding professional level expectations and extended summer contracts.

Individuals interested in Summer Administration positions should have multiple years of experience in working with children, preferably in summer camp or similar programs.  Undergraduate coursework related to youth development, recreation, or camp administration is highly desired, with related post-graduate work and/or professional experience preferred.  Summer Administration team members should have strong communication and interpersonal skills, be highly organized, and be independently motivated to complete job responsibilities.  Prior leadership and/or supervisory experience is highly desired, but not required.

Summer Administrative Team members include Activity Area Heads, Unit Leaders, CIT Program Coordinator, Tripping Coordinator, and Transportation Coordinator.

Healthcare Staff Positions

The Fernwood Cove Healthcare Center, called The Nightingale, is staffed by a team of Registered Nurses and a student nurse.  The Healthcare Center staff are responsible for overseeing all aspects of healthcare at camp, including medication administration, health assessment of campers, CITs, and staff, and emergency response.  Prior experience in pediatrics, school nursing or camp nursing is highly desired.  The Fernwood Cove Student Nurse should be an upper-level undergraduate student or recent graduate.  All Healthcare staff must be at least twenty-one years of age, have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.  Limited half-summer positions are available within the Healthcare Staff.

Support Staff Positions

Fernwood Cove’s Support Staff work behind the scenes to ensure each day of camp runs as smoothly as possible.  Residential, seasonal positions are available in the Fernwood Cove Housekeeping, Maintenance, Kitchen, and Office departments for university-aged and young adult applicants.  Fernwood Cove Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Kitchen staff complete a variety of physically and mentally demanding responsibilities while working closely with various members of the Fernwood Cove staff.  Prior experience related to the respective support staff position is highly desired, but not required.

Office Staff are the link between camp and the outside world, including camp parents and business vendors.  Strong computer skills, with the ability to quickly learn camp database programs are required.  Fernwood Cove Office Staff must have strong communication and interpersonal skills.  Prior experience in a business office setting is highly desired, but not required.

International Staff Opportunities

Each summer approximately half of Fernwood Cove’s counselors and staff come from outside of the United States.  International staff members contribute significantly to the diversity of the Fernwood Cove community by sharing their home culture, including games, songs, crafts, foods, and sports.  All international staff are required to obtain a J1 work visa appropriate for their position in camp.  Contact us for additional information regarding the J1 visa application process.