Counselor Cabaret at Summer CampPosted by on July 29, 2019

Hey Fernwood Cove! Please check out our latest vlog on social media to get an update on this evenings EP,  Counselor Cabaret here at Summer Camp!

“My name is Brittany Pitts, and I’m from Adelaide, Australia! This is my 1st year at Fernwood Cove, and I teach Landsports and Fabric Arts. This year I am delighted to be a bunk mom for the 4th-grade bunk, Whimbrel. 

Counselor at Summer Camp

Today has been another extraordinary day here at Fernwood Cove! For breakfast Chef, Keith made us eggs, chicken sausages and home fries. Once breakfast was finished, it was time for bunk clean up, the neatness banner is kind of a big deal, the campers made their way to their bunks to get 10 stars. The counselors held back for announcements at counselor coffee. Shortly after, the bell for first focus began, and off we went! In Softball today, we played various fielding and catching games, in basketball we practised our teamwork and offensive skills. In Fabric Arts, the girls finished off their tote bags, which are starting to look fabulous!!

Cabaret at Summer Camp

For lunch today we had pork with a side of cheesy potatoes and broccoli, and for dinner, we had rice bowls, which is a huge favorite here at the camp! The weather today started out a bit chilly, but then during the day, it got quite warm when the sun came out around 10am. Starting to end the day we had our EP, “Counselor Cabaret,” which had consisted of various staff members showing of their talents and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. These acts consisted of singing, dancing, funny skits, and so much more! The girls absolutely love seeing how much talent their counselors truly have!” 

Now our day is done, the sun has gone down, and we’re signing off for now; stay EXTRAORDINARY!!