Is Fernwood Cove Accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) and we are members of the Maine Summer Camps and Maine Camp Experience.

How does my daughter get to camp?

Your daughter may travel to camp on a camp bus: from Fairfield, CT, Port Chester, NY (in Westchester County), Lincoln Center (in Manhattan) or the Boston Suburbs. Campers who fly into Boston’s Logan Airport or Portland Jetport are met at the gate and travel to camp with other campers on a camp bus. A few parents opt to drive their daughter(s) to camp, although we suggest taking the bus as it is much more convenient to you and more fun for the campers. See more details here: Travel & Transportation

Is there really no electricity in the bunks?

That is correct. We feel that no electricity in the bunks fosters an environment of simple living. As the sun sets, our campers enjoy reading a book or playing games together by flashlight in the cabins. We don’t permit campers to bring electronic games or electronic readers (ex. Kindle), but they may bring a personal a music player without cellular data (Wifi is fine) for use in the cabin.

Do all of the bunks have bathrooms?

No. Our campers on the bunk line bordered by the woods have toilets and sinks in their bunks, but no showers. There are four shower houses for their use. Our older campers don’t have any facilities in their waterfront bunks, but use two nearby shower/toilet houses called the “Birdbath” and the “Lagoon”.

How many campers live in a bunk?

Most of our cabins house 10 children and 2 counselors. Several of our younger cabins are larger and hold 10-12 children and 3 or 4 counselors. Each of our oldest two age groups of campers live in one large cabin together.

Does everyone wear a uniform?

Fernwood Cove’s uniform for our campers wear forest or hunter green shorts and white shirts, CITs wear maroon shorts and white shirts and our staff wears navy blue shorts and white shirts. Campers may wear non-uniform clothing for Thursday nights (Campfire) and some special events.

What is the camp day like?

Our campers have 6 instructional focus periods a day. Please see our schedule.

Can the campers choose their own activities?

Yes. Once a week each camper receives an activity choice sheet and chooses 5 activities she would like to take in each activity area, ranking them in order of preference.

Are there any required activities?

We require all campers to take at least 1 week of instructional swimming. Campers completing 5th grade and younger must take one week of canoeing. As well, younger campers are rotated through our outstanding nature program.

What is “Trip Day”?

Trip day is just as it sounds – a day of trips. Every Tuesday two age groups of campers and staff go on excursions throughout Maine and New Hampshire. We go on many wonderful mountain hikes, biking, canoeing and walking trips. Qualified staff members accompany each group and any trip that involves aquatic activities is accompanied by a staff member who is First Aid and Lifeguard certified. For the campers who remain at camp on a Tuesday, we have a fun filled day of special events and ice cream.

How can I get in touch with my daughter while she is at camp?

We encourage both our campers and their parents to write letters. You are always welcome to call or email the directors or unit leaders and check in on your daughter. Alternatively, we offer a “kid check request” in your parent account where you can ask questions and request an email or call from one of our unit leaders. We also have a one way email system that allows parents to email their daughter(s) at camp. We print the emails each morning and deliver them to the campers with the rest of the mail. Campers respond to emails via written letters since they do not have access to email while at camp.

How many campers and staff do you have?

We have approximately 200 girls in each of our sessions and about 120 staff members.

Where are your campers from?

Our campers come from a broad array of cities, states and countries. The majority of campers live on the eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida. We also have a large number of campers from many other states and many countries around the world.

Who are members your staff and where do they come from?

Our staff comes from the U.S., England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Eastern Europe, just to name a few places. The majority of our staff members are over 21 years old and all of our counselors are required to have finished 1 year of college. Most of our female counselors live in the bunks with the campers and we have a separate “staff village” where we house all of our male counselors and the rest of our staff.

How are your meals served and what is the food like?

Breakfast and lunch are served in our dining room “family style” and weather permitting, supper is served buffet style outdoors. All of our meals are nutritious and include a variety of dietary restriction friendly options including, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian. Breakfast consists of a hot entrée such as pancakes, eggs, etc., plus a “breakfast bar” of hot and cold cereal, fresh fruit, and yogurt. Lunch, our main meal of the day, usually consists of a hot entrée, such as a stir-fry dish, grilled lemon chicken, pasta, etc. as well as a salad bar with all the fixings. Our informal picnic suppers include pizza, cookouts and a variety of portable buffet items.

Is Fernwood Cove on the same site as Camp Chickawah?

Yes! Fernwood Cove was established in 1998 on the former site of Camp Chickawah which was a boys’ camp established in 1920 and operated into the mid 1980’s. Find out more about Camp Chickawah.

It sounds like Fernwood Cove is the right camp for us! What do I do next?

Request more information and our camp DVD! Or you may call us at the camp office 207-583-2381. One of our directors would be happy to speak with you further about camp and set up a time for you to meet with us if we are in your area. Once we determine that we have a space for your daughter, we will send you an enrollment form to complete and return to us.