Packing List & Uniform Requirements

Packing List & Uniform Requirements


Fernwood Cove is a uniform Camp, which fulfills our desire to live simply without emphasis on appearances.  The regulation Fernwood Cove uniform colors are white and hunter/dark forest green.  No clothing of other colors or with other logos or emblems may be worn as uniforms.  The Amerasport outfitters catalogue is provided as a convenience and a guideline for our uniform requirements, however there are many items that you can buy elsewhere (or that your daughter already owns) that will be fine for Camp.

Click HERE for a printable packing list.

12 White Shirts

Any white shirt is fine – tank tops (not spaghetti straps), polo shirts, white Hanes t-shirts etc.  Logos are limited to the front pocket area and should be no larger than 2” x 2”. We do laundry at Camp once every week (7 days), so the quantity of uniform your daughter brings to Camp needs to get her from one laundry day to the next.

10 Forest/Hunter Green Shorts and 1 White Shorts

Soccer style nylon shorts, cotton shorts, chino style – any type are fine as long as they are the right color! Camper shorts must be in hunter green. Accents, trim, etc. in other colors is not permitted. Limited white accent stripes on shorts, pants, etc. is permitted. The catalogue comes in handy to double-check this. Your daughter needs one pair of white shorts in any style for special events (4-5 times during the session).

Forest/Hunter Green Shorts and 1 White Shorts

Soccer style nylon shorts, cotton shorts, chino style – any type are fine as long as they are the right color! Camper shorts must be in hunter green. Accents, trim, etc. in other colors is not permitted. Limited white accent stripes on shorts, pants, etc. is permitted. The catalogue comes in handy to double-check this. Your daughter needs one pair of white shorts in any style for special events (4-5 times during the session).

Forest/Hunter Green Outerwear

Nights (and some days!) can get chilly in Maine, even in the summer time!  We want your daughter to be warm, and still in uniform.  We recommend a fleece outer-garment, as this is multipurpose.  Amerasport sells a very nice quality green fleece.  If she has a fleece, she will only need ONE forest green sweatshirt (for slightly less chilly weather).  She will need 2-3 pairs of green pants to keep her legs warm.

White Outerwear

One white sweatshirt will come in handy for our special events on colder days.  White sweatpants are unnecessary.

Socks & Underwear

Your daughter can never have enough socks – at least 12 pairs of white cotton in any style she prefers (ankle, tube etc.).  Wool socks are great for hiking, but not essential. Pack at least one pair of underwear for each day of the week, with at least a couple of spares.

Rain Gear

Wet feet and clothing can make life miserable, so waterproof (not just shower proof) gear is very important. Your daughter will need either a longer style rain jacket or poncho (can be any color – most likely your daughter has one that is just fine), and a pair of waterproof shoes (duck boots, rain boots etc.).


Some nights are chilly, some are quite warm.  Your daughter will need two pairs of sleepwear that cover both these weather possibilities.  If she likes to sleep in boxers and t-shirts, or perhaps a nightgown – that’s just fine.  These items do not need to be in Camp colors.  Bedroom slippers can be nice to have in the bunk (the floors are wooden), but are not essential.

Swim Gear

Your daughter will need at least two bathing suits.  These do not need to be in Camp colors; one-piece or athletic style two piece are highly recommended (teeny bikinis don’t work well for water sports).

A white bathing cap is essential for safety while your daughter is swimming – Camp will issue these to the children at every swim lesson.

Two beach towels are important (one can be drying while the other is used) – any color is fine.


Sneakers or cleats will be used for field sports, tennis and other athletic type activities.  No particular type of sole is necessary.  Teva’s or other supportive athletic sandals (with a heel strap) are also acceptable footwear. Flip-flops and slides (i.e. any shoe without a back-heel strap) are for shower use only.  Platform shoes, any shoes with sole that is one or more inches, are also not allowed in Camp due to possible ankle injuries.  Any inappropriate footwear that is sent to Camp will be mailed back home.


We provide all bed linens and blankets. We do not provide towels. Please do not send personal blankets or sheets. Your daughter may bring up to two stuffed animals or a special “blanky.”

Your daughter will need:

  • A pillow and two pillow cases (except international Campers)
  • A laundry bag (big enough for one week worth of clothing)
  • A shoe bag (with many pockets, to hang on the wall, to hold shoes, brush, flashlight etc.)
  • A bath robe (to get to and from her bunk to the shower house) – any color
  • A sleeping bag (any style, does not need to be warm to freezing temperatures!)
  • Two beach towels (so she still has one to use while the other is drying)
  • Three shower towels


Please pack sanitary napkins/tampons, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, Kleenex, extra comb/brush, and any additional toiletries your daughter will use.

Miscellaneous Articles

Please equip your daughter with a camera, memory cards, stationery and stamps, pen, etc.

Sun Protection

We also encourage you to pack a good broad-spectrum sun block as well as a sun hat or visor for your daughter. Be sure to label each item with her name. Limited supplies of necessary items are available in the Camp canteen.

Camp Gear

Please pack your daughters clothing for the summer in a duffel bag or soft-sided suitcase. These are more easily stored and will not be used during the session.

Your daughter will need:

  • A water bottle (size and style not important)
  • Crazy Creek™ or similar seat for sitting on the ground.
  • A flashlight and batteries (this is her source of light in the bunk – it should be a good one! battery operated lanterns, headlamps, snake lights etc are all fine as supplements.)
  • Daypack (a size that you know your daughter can carry on trip day) school book-bag size is fine.

Activity Items

It is difficult to know what your daughter will enjoy most at Camp, especially if this is her first summer! Here are some general equipment guidelines:


We have some tennis racquets to loan, however your daughter will see greater improvement with a racquet fitted to her size and strength. We do not require Fernwood Cove Campers to bring their own tennis balls.

Natural Horsemanship Program

We have limited helmets to lend at Camp. If your daughter is planning on riding, she should bring a helmet, jodhpurs or inexpensive riding pants with no inner seam, boots etc with her.

Water Sports

Board shorts; Aqua socks are only necessary if your daughter is squeamish about putting her feet on the bottom of the lake (it is quite sandy).


Special shoes are not necessary, however your daughter may bring tap, ballet or jazz shoes if she already owns them. She may also bring leotards for dance or gymnastic classes.


Special boots are not necessary (All terrain sneakers will be fine for our day hikes).


We have all sports equipment needed at Camp. Your daughter may bring soccer cleats and shin pads and a softball glove if she owns them. Mouth guards are supplied by Camp.

Non-Uniform Clothing

Your daughter will have the opportunity to wear non-uniform clothing during Campfire and special events.  One or two outfits will be enough for the session.  Even though these events are “non-uniform,” clothing and shoe policies still apply (please refer to the policies section).  A green T-shirt may also be added to be worn for Green and White Day, but since this is a one-day event the T-shirt is not a required item.  She will also need a white outfit for banquet, held on the last Friday evening of Camp.

Clothing Taboo

Spaghetti strap tops (<1 inch in width) or clothes exposing the midriff are not permitted at Camp or outside of Camp during your daughter’s Camp stay.  Please do not bring or send this item to Camp.

Footwear for Camp

Tevas/Crocks: (with a heel strap) may be worn throughout the day.

Sneakers: are to be worn during all sporting activities, including team sports and active evening programs.

Closed Toed Shoes: must be worn in the following areas: horse barn, sewing/fabric arts and at campfire.

“Gladiator Sandals” and similar sandals with non-supportive straps are only allowed during Services and Banquet.

Stacked or High-Heeled Shoes: are not permitted at camp.

Flip-Flops and Slides may be worn to the shower house ONLY.

Name Tapes

Please be sure that your daughter’s name is on EVERY garment brought to Camp, including all the clothes your daughter wears to Camp. Waterproof markers can be used on clothes, sleeping bags, rain-wear, boots, shoes, slippers, tennis racquets, flashlights, water bottles, cameras, etc.  Unmarked items are difficult to return to their owners.

Fernwood Cove Camper Packing Checklist

QtyItem Packed
12White Shirts
10Green Shorts
1White Shorts
2Green Sweatshirts
(or 1 fleece & 1 sweatshirt)
1White Sweatshirt
2-3Green Sweatpants / Leggings
10 + ea.Socks + Underwear
2Sets Regular Clothes (for Campfire)
2Sneakers / Tennis Shoes
1Croc / Teva / Keen
1Flip Flop-Shower Shoe
1 Slippers (optional)
1Shoe Organizer (to hang on bed an organize clothes)
2Beach Towels
3Shower Towels
1Sleeping Bag
1Pillow (except international campers)
2Pillow Cases
1Laundry Bag
Shampoo & Conditioner
Body Wash
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Sun Block
Bug Spray
Flashlight & Extra Batteries
Water bottles
Medication (
Stationary & Stamps

Optional Items

Item Packed
Soccer Cleats, Shin Guards
Tennis, Lacrosse & Field Hockey Gear
Ballet, Tap, Jazz Shoes
Riding Boots, Helmet & Pants
Crazy Creek Chair
White Dressy Outfit
Animal Onesie / Pajamas
Crazy Dress-Up Costume (Fairy Wings, Tutus, Neon Colors)
Set of Black Clothes (leggings & top) (Dance / Gym Performances)