Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Fernwood Cove Mission

…encouraging participation, exploration and personal growth through simple group living in the outdoors. Our half season traditional program provides girls with a forum to experience new challenges, enhance self-confidence, develop skills, and establish enduring friendships in safe, beautiful surroundings. Each Camper at Fernwood Cove brings something special to the atmosphere and cooperative spirit. Our unique gathering of girls and caring, understanding, Staff creates a diverse and supportive community.

Our Policies and Procedures are established within the parameters of our mission for two reasons only: Your daughter’s safety & community living.

Safety at Camp

watersportsIt is the utmost priority of Fernwood Cove to provide your daughter with a physically and emotionally safe overnight camp experience. If a camper(s) exhibits behavior (proven or suspected) which puts them or others at physical or emotional risk, Fernwood Cove reserves the right to release the camper back into the custody of their parents/guardian. Some examples of these behaviors are: Anorexia/bulimia, cutting and bullying. Tuition will not be reimbursed for campers sent home for unsafe behaviors.

Online Parent Accounts*

With your Parent Account you can:

  • Complete forms online
  • Check form status
  • Check balances and make payments
  • Submit one-way-emails
  • Request a Kid Check
  • Limitless possibilities for the future!

Login Here  Please contact us if you need assistance.

Form Due Dates

All forms can be submitted from your parent account Login Here

FormSubmission TypeDue Date
Travel FormParent AccountApril 1st
Health FormParent AccountMay 1st
Parental InputParent AccountMay 1st
Bunk Request - If ApplicableParent AccountMay 15th
Health FormPrint - Doctor SignJune 1st
Junior / Senior TravelParent AccountJune 1st
Parent Vacation TravelParent AccountAs Needed
CampMed FormParent AccountOne Month Prior
to Arrival Date
Discounts and Incentives

Referral Incentive Program – For Returning and Alumni Families

You are our greatest supporters!! To say thank you, we would like to give something back. For every new camper that enrolls, based on your referral, we will credit your child’s account 10% of the current year’s tuition. The Referral Incentive will be reflected on your Final Invoice.  This applies to a referred Campers first year of enrollment only. There is no limit to the number of Campers you can refer. This does not apply if the child referred is an immediate family member, i.e. a sister. If your child ages out of Camp, this incentive still applies! We will simply write you a check for 10% of the current summer’s tuition.

As an essential part of our Fernwood Cove community, you know what kind of Campers we are looking for. These are the types of families, and girls, you want your daughters to spend summer after summer with at Fernwood Cove.

Early Enrollment Discount

  • Enroll your returning Camper or new sibling on Visiting Day Weekend and receive a $400 discount on tuition.*
  • Enroll your returning Camper or new sibling within 14 days of Visiting Day and receive a $300 discount on tuition.

*If you use the AutoPay Program (pg. 5) and wish to receive the $400 discount, you MUST notify the front desk on Visiting Day Weekend, otherwise your card will be charged to qualify you for the $300 discount.

 Please note, we will not be offering a cash discount for summer 2018.  The two discount incentive programs we are offering are Early Enrollment and the Referral Incentive Program

Credit Card Policy

We provide you with the option to pay your daughter(s) account with a MasterCard, Visa or AMEX.  Please note the following procedures when using your credit card.  All credit card charges are subject to a 3% surcharge, rounded up to the nearest $1.00.

  • When paying by credit card you authorize Fernwood Cove to debit your card for:
    1. $1500 registration deposit plus applicable Horse Program charges and any outstanding balances from previous summer(s)
    2. December 1st – $2000 payment
    3. February 1st – $2000 payment
    4. May 15th – Remaining balance due
    5. Finally, no later than September 1st – any incidental charges while at Camp
  • Credit Card payments can be made by simply logging into your Parent Account and selecting “Make a Payment”.  We will send out a reminder prior to charging your card.


Leave the bill paying to us!  AutoPay will pay all relevant invoices when they are due.   Here are the details:

  1. You must complete one credit card transaction with AutoPay option selected from your Parent Account.
  2. AutoPay will then automatically charge your credit card when payment is due for all future payments.
  3. You will be emailed a few days prior to your card being charged.
  4. AutoPay will automatically re-enroll your eligible child(ren) qualifying you for the Visiting Day Re-Enrollment Discount (largest discount we offer).


At least 28 hours of Pre-Camp is spent on bunking.  Bunking is one of our most challenging tasks due to the complexities and intricacies of each Camper and her established or not established relationships with other Campers…

  • For New Camper Families: It is important to fill out the Parental Input form as completely as possible.  This is our only guide to placing your daughter successfully with girls that will be compatible with her.  Please let us know friends/cousins or any other acquaintances she may have here at Camp.
  • For Returning Camper Families:  We encourage positive relationships which enrich not only your daughter’s bunk group, but also the entire Fernwood Cove community.  Bunk assignments and bunk groups will be dynamic from summer to summer and bunk request are NOT guaranteed.  As with everything at Camp, bunking is something that you as parents, must trust that we are making appropriate decisions with your daughter’s best interest and the best interest of the entire Camp.  If your daughter becomes anxious about her pending bunk placement – please remind her that it’s our job to send home happy children – it’s what we do.


Please supply your daughter with all her stationary needs at the beginning of Camp. Your daughter will write home twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays during rest hour. We encourage our parents to write letters as it is very important that Campers receive frequent letters from home throughout the summer. This is especially vital in helping new Campers adjust to Camp. Please avoid writing letters that dwell on home ties or sad topics. Write positively about your daughter’s Camp experiences. The tone of parents’ mail can have an effect on her Camp experience.


In keeping with our philosophy of simple living and after much thoughtful consideration, we have chosen to disallow “Camper care packages”.  We will allow Birthday Packages for your Camper’s birthday or any necessary items that may be needed or forgotten from home.  The package must be sent to the Fernwood Cove Office, care of your Camper.  We will open the package in the office and deliver the needed item to your Camper during the day.  Birthday Packages will be delivered on your Camper’s Birthday, please mark the date on the package and as always, please do not send any food, candy or gum as we will be checking ALL packages as we have in the past.   We sincerely appreciate your cooperation with this policy.

Examples of commonly rejected and accepted items are:




Toiletries (tooth brush, shampoo, soap, etc.)


Articles of clothing


Stationary & postage





Please note that the volume of mail passing through our local post office increases greatly during the Camp season, therefore outgoing/incoming maybe slow. We assure you that all mail is delivered to Campers on the day in which it arrives in our Camp office. Outgoing mail is picked up daily (except Sundays) by the USPS. Any delay would be within the US Postal Service due to the increased volumes.


Campers do not have access to personal email accounts while they are at Camp; however if you need to deliver an important message, ex: school work, you may contact the Directors:

Jim Gill/Director: Jim@fernwoodcove.com

Beigette Gill/Director: Beigette@fernwoodcove.com

Caroline Glovsky/Associate Director: Caroline@fernwoodcove.com

Alicia Theriault/Associate Director: Alicia@fernwoodcove.com

Melissa Sykes/Assistant Director: Alicia@fernwoodcove.com

Noel Lindgren/Office Manager: Noel@fernwoodcove.com

Health Care Staff/Health Care Center: Nurses@fernwoodcove.com

All general questions: Cove@fernwoodcove.com

Camper One-way Email

Send one-way emails to your daughter(s)

    1. Go to www.fernwoodcove.com
    2. Log into your parent account
    3. Click “SEND ONE WAY EMAIL”
    4. Type the desired message and click “SEND”

    One-way emails are delivered daily.  Emails submitted after 7AM will be delivered the following day.

Is another family member or friend wanting to send one-way email’s?

Great! You will personally be able to give access to those people.

(You will need their email address)

  1. Simply login to your parent account (parent login)
  2. Once you login, click on the green button that says SEND ONE WAY EMAIL (bottom button)
  3. On the right of your screen you will see a MENU button, click on this
  4. You will see, Add/Manage Senders, click on this
  5. You will see an approved senders list, click on the +NEW button and enter their EMAIL ADDRESS and Name.
  6. They will receive an email requesting them to create an account that will ONLY give them access to your daughter(s) one-way email.

Please note: The approved senders can reach the login page by going to fernwoodcove.com “Current Families” and click “Send One Way Email.”


This section applies to Off Camp Season Only! During the months of June – August we are committed to making sure we spend lots of time with the Campers and Staff and making sure that everyone has a terrific summer, and not bogged down by the computer, so you will NOT see updates during this time.

You can now find information and communicate with Fernwood Cove by:

Following Us on Twitter: Twitter.com/Fernwoodcove

Reading Our Blog: fernwoodcove.com/blog

Checking Us Out on Facebook: Facebook.com/FernwoodCove


Become one of Fernwood Cove’s followers on Twitter and get quick information about upcoming events, Camp announcements, mailings to look for, when forms are due, and generally to find out what is going on at Fernwood Cove!


We have a goal to blog for Fernwood Cove about once a week during the Camp season. Check back often to read the latest story, see some pictures and find out what is going on at camp. Our blog will be not only useful information and Camp announcements, but it will also include stories about the extraordinary things Fernwood Covers are doing! Do you want to share a story for our blog – send us a message and let us know! You can also find the latest Fernwood Cove Twitter updates on our blog!


Now that Facebook is open to organizations having pages, we had to have one for Fernwood Cove! This page is for all Fernwood Cove Campers, Parents, Staff and Alums! Here you will find photos – only in the off season – NOT during the summer, upcoming events, important dates, camp announcements and interesting information about Camp! Check back often! We will also use this page to offer discussions about possible policy changes, questions from new parents, and many many more! If you have ideas of things we can do with this page, pictures you want posted, announcements that you think should be made, send us a message and let us know. Our Facebook page is connected with Twitter – when changes are made here – you will see those updates on Twitter!


To minimize your cost and eliminate lost duffels shipped via common carrier, we have partnered with Camp Trucking which provides duffel delivery service from your door to your daughter’s bunk and from bunk, back to your door.  This service will add convenience as well as save you time and money. Please find the Camp Trucking literature in the front pocket of this book.  Camp Trucking now services the entire United States.   If you still wish to use a common carrier, both UPS and FedEx make daily deliveries to Camp.  Please DO NOT SEND TRUNKS, as we have no place to store them, therefore; we ask that you pack in soft duffel bags or other collapsible luggage. If you plan to lock your daughter’s duffel with a combination or key lock, please send the combination or a spare set of keys (labeled with your daughter’s name) to the Camp Office – just in case.

At the end of the season, all Campers who fly home or take the bus, will have their baggage shipped home. All luggage will be sent home via UPS, unless YOU have arranged round trip Camp Trucking shipping – Fernwood Cove will bill you directly. It is VERY IMPORTANT that your daughter’s luggage have a shipping tag affixed before they depart camp.


We encourage you to send your daughters duffel via the Camp Trucking service described above. This will expedite your daughter’s arrival to Camp and her bag will be waiting for her on her bed. Your daughter may bring one (1) carry-on/small bag with her on the bus. Any additional luggage must be sent to Camp prior to her arrival as baggage space on our chartered buses is limited.


Your daughter’s baggage must be shipped directly to Camp. She may bring one (1) small carry on with her on the plane. Our transportation to Camp considers the number of seats needed for Campers only – we do not have space for large duffels or other checked luggage.


You are most welcome to bring you daughter’s bags with you to Camp and drop them off at her bunk. She will unpack with her bunk mates at a later time.

Clothing Taboo

Spaghetti strap tops (<1 inch in width) or clothes exposing the midriff are not permitted at Camp or outside of Camp during your daughter’s Camp stay.  Please do not bring or send this item to Camp.

Footwear for Camp

The following policy should guide packing for Camp.

Tevas/Crocks: (with a heel strap) may be worn throughout the day.

Sneakers: are to be worn during all sporting activities, including team sports and active evening programs.

Closed Toed Shoes: must be worn in the following areas: horse barn, sewing/fabric arts and at campfire.

“Gladiator Sandals” and similar sandals with non-supportive straps are only allowed during Services and Banquet.

Wedges or High-Heeled Shoes: are not permitted at camp.

Flip-Flops and Slides may be worn to the shower house ONLY.


Please do not send your daughter to Camp with expensive jewelry. Simple studs for pierced ears are fine. Dangling jewelry will not be permitted in most activities as it can be dangerous.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices such as cell phones, E-Readers, Tablets, Video Games , or other gadgets that have internet access, are not allowed at Camp (this includes, but is not limited to, IPods and other MP3 Players with video playing capabilities, IPods, Kindles, etc.. These items detract from our mission while at camp. If such items are sent to Camp they will be returned home. Music players with headphones or small speakers are okay for bunk use and van rides only. You can buy 2nd Generation iPod for less than $50 by clicking HERE. Remember there is no access to power outlets to recharge so it is preferable to have battery operated devices. There are also battery devices that can be purchased to charge the iPod without a power source:

Money at Camp

We must insist that Campers do not keep money in the bunk. Camp provides funds your daughter might need for trip days and special events. Please instruct your daughter to turn in any travel money with her plane tickets to the Camp Office for safekeeping.

Personal Belongings

Please remember that it is your daughter’s responsibility to take care of her belongings. Do not send irreplaceable possessions such as jewelry or other expensive items. Fernwood Cove is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.

Absentees, No-Shows and early Withdrawals

All parents are requested to notify the Camp administration of any “late arrival” plans. Camp should be notified as soon as possible if a Camper will be arriving late.

No plans should be made which would require a camper to leave camp and then return – these sort of hiatuses are very disruptive to the entire camp community.

In the case that a Camper does not arrive at Camp as planned, Camp administration will contact the parents/guardians by phone and/or email and confirm why the Camper has not arrived at Camp. We do not prorate/refund any tuition for late arrival, no-shows or early withdrawal.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Smoking, use of alcohol or use of drugs or inhalants in a manner other than that for which they are prescribed is illegal for children of Camp age, and is strictly forbidden at Fernwood Cove.

Weapons Policy

For the safety of all, Fernwood Cove does not allow Campers to have weapons at any time.

We have no tolerance for the breaking of the Drug and Alcohol or the Weapons policy. If a Camper chooses to violate these policies while under the care and authority of Fernwood Cove, the Camper’s parents will be notified, and she will be immediately removed from the Camp community and taken to the next available transport home.

Fernwood Cove is not responsible for returning any tuition or fees paid for a Camper who is sent home due to violation of these Policies.