Camp Life

Camp Life

Pre-Camp Orientation

All hired staff members must be present for our 7-day staff, pre-camp, orientation and training. Pre-Camp begins one week prior to the campers’ arrival. Certain staff members arrive early in order to receive extra training or participate in certification classes. This is a valuable time before camp where you learn all about what it means to live and work with campers and fellow staff members. There will be discussions, role-playing and motivational workshops plus time to set up your program areas and time for recreation with your peers. Pre-Camp begins with dinner, informal introductions and a bit of history about the camp. The week is full of training sessions which prepare the staff for what camp will be like, what is expected, how we do things at camp, our traditions and our songs as well as many other things about camp. By the time the week is over and the campers arrive, the staff is primed, unified and giving off an excitement that makes the campers feel that we have been eagerly waiting for their arrival and are ready to get things going!

The Campers

Fernwood Cove has about 400 campers, divided over two, 3 and a half week sessions. The campers are all girls ages 7-15. Our campers are from many states across the USA, as well as from many countries around the world, coming from varied cultural backgrounds.

The Camp Season

Campers attend Fernwood Cove for one of two, three and a half week sessions, the first one beginning in late June and the second ending in the middle of August. Fernwood Cove is considered a traditional, all girls residential, half season camp.

Bunk Life

All of our bunks are spacious, wooden and rustic looking with a newly built feel; many have been built or restored recently. No camper bunks have electricity or running hot water. Most bunks have running cold water with toilets and sinks. The showers are in nearby shower houses and do have running hot water. Bunks are furnished with solid, wooden beds with twin-size mattresses, as well as ample storage space dedicated to each staff member and camper’s personal effects.

Camper bunks generally house 8-10 campers and 2-3 counselors. We also have at least 1 counselor who is part of the bunk family but does not live in the bunk. Male staff and some female staff live in nearby staff housing. The counselors who live in the camper bunks are called Bunk Moms, while the counselors who do not live in the cabins are also assigned to a cabin of girls as a Bunk Aunt or Uncle, having the opportunity to provide support to the bunk counselors and be an active contributing member of the bunk family.


Fernwood Cove is located approximately 1 hour northwest of Portland, Maine and about 3 hours north of Boston, Massachusetts, in Harrison, Maine. Fernwood Cove is close to many New England attractions such as the White Mountains, Maine State Parks, and the beautiful coastline.

Weather in Maine

Maine summers are warm and inviting, with daytime temperatures peaking at about 85°F/29°C and evening temperatures cooling to a comfortable 60°F/16°C. Maine is usually spared the sometimes oppressive heat and humidity that affects communities south of us in the summer.


Fernwood Cove requires uniform for campers and staff. Staff uniform is navy blue shorts or pants, and white shirts. Clothing items are limited to navy and white only. Accents, trim, etc. in other colors is not permitted. Limited white accent stripes on shorts, pants, etc. is permitted. Shirts with spaghetti straps or that bare the midriff are not permitted. Any sleeveless shirts must have straps that would cover a bra strap. We provide all staff with one warm navy blue outer garment and one staff t-shirt. Warm outer garments are navy. Logos are limited to the front pocket area and should be no larger than 2” x 2”. Raingear does not have to be uniform colors. Uniform must be worn during the camp day and during out-of-camp trips, unless directed otherwise. However you will need to bring an adequate supply of regular uniform clothing, as well as the usual supplement of clothing required for outdoor living. A full packing list will be available to all hired. All laundry is done weekly by camp at no extra charge. A dresser, bed linen, and blankets are all provided.