The Staff Experience

The Staff Experience

The staff experience at Fernwood Cove is a unique combination of personal growth, professional development, making a positive impact, and creating friendships and memories of a lifetime.  Fernwood Cove staff come from around the world and work as either Counselors or Support Staff.

The Fernwood Cove Counselor staff experience is holistic and incorporates responsibilities in all aspects of the Fernwood Cove program.  They are specialist instructors who teach one or more activities.  Fernwood Cove Counselors are also bunk counselors, overseeing all aspects of bunk life throughout the camp session.

The Fernwood Cove Support Staff play an integral role in the day-to-day operations of camp.  Support Staff opportunities are available in the Kitchen, Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Healthcare departments each summer.

Learn more about the Fernwood Cove staff experience in our Pre-Interview Guide:

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