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International staff are an integral aspect of the Fernwood Cove community

International Staff Are Imperative To Camp

Each summer Fernwood Cove campers and CITs are guided by a carefully selected staff.  Fernwood Cove staff instruct activities and live in bunks.  They spend their days leading a variety of activities through the camp session. […]

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Camp helps us grow to the best version of ourselves.

Departing the Extraordinary World As the Best Version Of Ourselves

Twenty-five days of camp.  Twenty-five days.  It’s hard to imagine such a short amount of time having an incredible impact upon anyone. However in just twenty-five days each individual in the Fernwood Cove community is changed […]

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Color war builds team spirit.

Color War Focuses On Teamwork and Team Spirit

Color War is a long-standing tradition of summer camps across the country.  Color War is a favorite Special Event among campers.  While Color War at Fernwood Cove is unique in its traditions. However it continues to […]

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Bunk aunts are dedicated to their campers and the camp community.

Bunk Aunts Provide Love and Support

Everyone has, or at least knows the cliché of having, a fun and crazy Aunt. An Aunt cannot be there for every intimate moment as compared to a mom. Yet she is someone her family can […]

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