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Grateful for summers at camp

Grateful For Summers At Camp

November traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday season.  Gatherings, decorations, and events are sprinkled through celebrations in the final weeks of the year. Over the past twenty months we have all experienced change, including in […]

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Seasons change and create growth at camp and in life.

Seasons Change at Camp and in Life

The recent weeks at camp have definitely been showing the signs of fall at Fernwood Cove.  Cooler temperatures means long pants and even mornings where we are pulling on our fleeces and hats.  We are also […]

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Lessons Learned At Summer Camp

Each summer provides opportunities for growth for campers, CITs, and staff alike.  It’s part of the magic of attending or working at camp- you’re guaranteed to learn and grow!  Summer 2021 was no different.  However, this […]

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Summer Camp Connections Are Natural

We have crossed the one year mark since the COVID-19 pandemic began to significantly impact the United States.  In those long twelve months we have experienced change, loss, adversity, and sadness.  One of the things the […]

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