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Fernwood Cove – 8/12

Friday’s Blog was written by 6th Grade Buncle and Soccer Counselor, Patrick. Today has been yet another amazing day at the cove starting with a lovely sweet breakfast filled with muffins and pancakes to name a few.  The […]

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Fernwood Cove – 8/11

Thursday’s Blog was written by 9th Grade Bunk Mom and Waterfront Counselor, Rosie. THE BEST DAY OF FOCUSES! Wow, how fast has that rolled around!? The vibes in camp today were kicking, every body was SO […]

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Fernwood Cove – 8/10

Wednesday’s Blog was written by 6th Grade Bunk Mom and Dance Counselor, Bryce. Today was another gorgeous day. The girls came back from their trip day overnights and had lots of fun adventurous stories to tell […]

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Fernwood Cove – 8/9

Tuesday’s Blog was written by 7th Grade Bunk Mom and Kayaking Counselor, Rachel. Today was another amazing day here at the cove, reveille rang early at 7am because it was TRIP DAY! There was lots of […]

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