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Respect For The Outdoors

Respect For The Outdoors During Activities

Part of the magic of Fernwood Cove is the beauty that surrounds us each day.  Outdoor opportunities are scattered throughout each camp day.  Bunks are nestled among the trees.  And taking a pause for a “nature […]

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Community Service Day

Community Service Day Focuses on Community

Yesterday Fernwood Cove celebrated its annual Community Day.  The day focused on different aspects of the camp and local community.  A priority of the day was community service.  All campers and CITs worked to benefit the […]

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Simple Living

The Importance Of Simple Living

Technology has made everyday tasks simple to achieve. Digital culture is achieved by a touch of a button and social interactions are at your fingertips. The everyday tasks of the ordinary world completed with technology creates the illusion of simple […]

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Personal Growth

Personal Growth Through Experiential Learning

Personal growth at camp happens in many different forms.  The development of the high and low ropes course is one way that Fernwood Cove facilitates personal growth in campers.  Throughout the past few summers the ropes […]

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